Mangia Organica is a fast-casual, organic eatery offering healthy options while staying true to many homemade Italian traditions.


The menu is simple, yet everything can be custom ordered to provide a variety of options.  Some of our specialties include: homemade semolina pasta, traditional piadina flatbread sandwiches, ancient grain farro and salad bowls with tons of fresh grilled vegetables, and delicious soups made with alkaline water.   Everything from steamed chicken, turkey or chicken sausage, to vegan options like brown rice/quinoa gluten free pasta, beet/avocado pesto, zucchini noodles and cashew ricotta are served up fresh daily.   


All products are organic and locally sourced.  No white flour or sugar is used in any of the recipes. In addition, all the water used in the recipes is double filtered and ionized on premises.


The water is also an important part in brewing a fresh cup of organic coffee as well as our innovative caffeine-free hot roasted chicory specialty.  Some unique add ins at the “Cafe Creativo” bar include: raw cacao, turmeric and cayenne pepper.  Dairy-free milk and natural sweeteners are the only options offered indicating how serious we are about keeping true to a health conscious and clean-eating lifestyle.


Mangia Organica is the perfect place for a healthy, great tasting, fast-casual meal.